About Me

My name is Simon Aldrich. I’m a Software Engineer based out of Bristol in the UK. I spend my workdays writing the software that drives the core of mobile-phone networks. Chances are, wherever you’re from, if you’ve got a mobile phone you’ve indirectly used my software.

The techie stuff

Most of the software I write for work  (and outside of work too) is written in C or C++ on Linux. For work it has to be fast & it has to be unbreakable. I’ve also been known to dabble in Perl & Bash when the need arises.

As a geek I am fascinated by Home Automation & also endlessly in pursuit of the perfect Media Centre. I’m a big fan of:

Someday I hope to achieve the state of geek nirvana where all the disparate systems in my life work together in perfectly & seamless harmony to enhance my existence. I am also resigned to the fact that this will never happen – there’s always one more thing.


IRL I’m fantastically lucky to be married to the very beautiful, talented & patient Katy (she has to put up with a lot of nerdy stuff). We’re also the very proud parents of Ben. Katy & I met at Bristol University & we’ve been lucky enough to be able to live, work & start our family in the city that we love.

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